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  • reusable cleansing pads
  • reusable cleansing pads
  • reusable cleansing pads
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Better Earth Story

Muerosa Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads x 14

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Product Information

  • Set contains: 14 x double sided reusable cleansing pads with a green trim
  • 1 x Mesh bag to be used for storing your cleansing pads/ as a laundry bag
  • Premium quality, super soft bamboo pads
  • Recyclable Packaging

Environmental impact?

  • 100% biodegradable means compostable
  • Re-usable, durable and delicate to skin
  • Machine washable up to 1,000 times


MUEROSA are an eco-friendly, sustainable, American company, focusing on reusable and zero waste beauty products. Their main goal is giving our children a brighter future and to ultimately save the planet. Their products help to keep the skin looking soft, radiant and youthful while also making a positive difference on the world around us. Their self-care face & body wellness products are made with the softest bamboo and their packaging is 100% recyclable for zero-waste.