About us

As Mothers, we feel deeply compelled to ensure our children inherit a healthy, vibrant and thriving planet. Like many of us, we want to set an example and make an impact.

We created Better Earth Story with a clear mission to source, curate and provide products for the home that are ethically made, sustainable and biodegradable.

Family-run and based in the UK, Better Earth Story only collaborates and sells products made by people and enterprises who share our values and vision for a greener future.

We tirelessly research products and verify their provenance, ingredients, and supply chains, leaving you free to make an effortless, ethical choice and rest easy knowing your purchase harmed no person or place.

We take great care in guaranteeing our products help support local communities, are vegan and packaged using either biodegradable or highly recyclable materials - without concern for our bottom line.

From humble origins come great things, and initially, we will stock a limited range of curated products with plans to expand - based on your feedback. We sincerely hope to earn your trust and gain your ongoing support, as we create a Better Earth Story together.