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Better Earth Story

Planet Underdog Compostable Dog Poo Bags x 120

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Product Information

  • Unscented poo bags
  • Bag dimensions: 33cm*22cm
  • Made from cornstarch
  • Extra thick, large, opaque, strong and moisture resistant

Environmental impact?

  • There are 900 million dogs in the world- that's 2.7 billion poos a day (at least) which creates an unthinkable amount of plastic waste
  • These poop bags are compostable and decompose fully without producing toxic residue as they break down

About Planet Underdog

Based in the UK, Planet Underdog design and manufacture Compostable poo bags for dogs. They have a simple purpose to help dog owners play their part in saving the planet by using plant-based compostable poop bags instead of plastic or biodegradable ones (even these still contain plastics). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy swap for the planet

These are great bags, love the colours. So cool knowing they contain zero plastic!

Sam Le Pard
My Pets Love Their New Poo Bags

Tipsy and Mylo have both reported increased happiness since I’ve informed them their poo bags are now good for the planet. Thanks so much to this business for making it easier to get all of our household items in a sustainable way!