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BecoThings Eco-Friendly Potty

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Product Information

  • Children's Potty
  • Available in Beige
  • H:17cm W:18cm
  • High backrest support and splash guard
  • Made from natural plant fibres
  • Sustainable to produce and biodegradable
  • Use until your child has finished potty training then plant in the garden where it will biodegrade
  • Recyclable packaging

Environmental impact?

  • Most potties on the market are made from plastic and are extremely difficult to recycle
  • Plastic potties largely end up in landfill where they take hundreds of years to break down
  • The BecoThings Eco-friendly potty is designed with the planet in mind
  • Made from farming leftovers including bamboo waste and rice husks, the natural plant fibres are ground to a paste and then moulded with biodegradable resin

About BecoThings

BecoThings create homeware products made from natural plant fibres that are fully biodegradable and designed to have a minimal impact on the planet.

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