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Organic Herbal Eye Pillow - Soothing Comfort

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 Product Information

  • Soothing Comfort (Double Mint) scented Eye Pillow
  • Handmade
  • Approximate Dimensions : 10*21cm
  • Approximate Weight : 150g
  • The outer pillowcase is made from Organic Silk and the Inner pouch from Sustainable Linen
  • Filled with a blend of organic herbs, eResonance essential oils, rice & flax
  • These pillows provide a gentle weight to the eyes, forehead or chest, stimulating acupressure points and releasing a minty fragrance
  • Great for tired eyes and to use as a way to de-stress

How to use?

  • Lay the pillow over your eyes, forehead, or chest. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and focus on releasing all tension in your body.
  • For a cooling effect: place the inner sachet into a bag in the freezer for 10 minutes. Take it out, put it back into the outer bag and place it on your eyes or forehead.

Environmental impact?

  • These eye pillows are handmade and the herbs hand-picked, therefore limiting production and eliminating the need to rely on industrial tools

About eResonance

eResonance which is the abbreviation of “Essential Resonance” is a small, family run business based in Switzerland. They create eco-conscious products that aid stress release and promote wellbeing.


Customer Reviews

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Gabriela Maass
Very lovely. Well made, smells so nice.

Well made soft silk fabric and beautiful smell of the herbs and seeds. Very relaxing.