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Eco Green Living Compostable Cling Film - 1 x 30m roll

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Product Information

  • Compostable Cling Film - 1 x 30m roll
  • Matches the top brands for keeping food fresh and sealed, but without any of the ecological waste
  • Made from Corn Starch and certified compostable
  • Strengthened & lightweight, this heavy duty wrapping seals itself, keeping fresh food in your fridge and sealing hygienic surfaces
  • The dispenser is made from recycled cardboard and the cling wrap is perforated at 30cm increments, so nothing goes to waste
  • Extra durable and excellent stretch
  • The elasticity is just like your typical plastic wrap with puncture resistance

Environmental impact?

  • Swapping your kitchen essentials to eco alternatives has never been so easy with the Eco Green Living range
  • 100% plastic free
  • This compostable cling film will break down into non-toxic components and cause no harm to the environment

About Eco Green Living

Eco Green Living is a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly and sustainable products for everyday living. They offer a wide range of environmentally conscious products and strive to make sustainable living accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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